Bolivia: three weeks ought to be enough, right?

Though two months later, we have just passed the border into Peru. What made us stay in Bolivia for so long?

Well, to cut things short, we stayed there for a few reasons:

  • The food is good
  • It was cheap
  • We were waiting for the lama trek to commence in good company
  • The people were honest and friendly
  • There was an awful lot to see and do

To start off with the first reason, the Bolivian diet is very varied, and changes with the area you’re in. They eat different things in Cochabamba and Potosí, usually very locally grown fresh products. You can get freshly squeezed orange juice in the streets for little more than a quarter of a euro (or less). So, splashing out in Bolivia won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For example, the most expensive three courses meal we had in a posh restaurant didn’t cost us more than 10 euros per person. That doesn’t make it hard to stay another day.

Also, we read about a lama trek in our guidebook, and said to each other “hell yeah, let’s do this”. So we set out and approached the organization that organized this trek, and they told us that we’d have to get a group together to cut down on costs. So, that’s what we did, we found some really great people that had more or less the same travel pace as we did. We hung out together quite a lot, especially in Sucre where most of us did a Spanish course. Finally the lama trek started, and well… that’s a story in its own. Actually, we’re splitting up right now in Peru, three weeks after the end of the trek, but I’m sure we’ll run into each other again somewhere, someday.

Though there are some exceptions, we really liked the people in Bolivia. They’re honest and friendly and even though they don’t have much sense of time, they are eager to help and are interested in where you’re from.

And the last, but foremost reason for us to stay so long in Bolivia was because there’s an awful lot to see and do. You can climb volcanoes or other mountains, visit the salar of Uyuni, go to the jungle (though we didn’t do that), see dinosaur footprints and marvels of nature or simply enjoy city life in Sucre or La Paz. We have been so active in Bolivia that we haven’t had the time to write everything down, though we’re up to date with our written diary – thanks Renate, kisses. And we haven’t even done half what we could do here in Bolivia! But hey, you need time to digest too. So expect more stories to come, we’re on a roll now. 🙂


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