To the ferry

After an odd hour of shoveling in Jeroen’s garden, we finally hit the road. It feels like old times to travel in Pino Blanc. The sound and vibration of the engine, all your stuff with you (hopefully) and only the road between you and where you’re heading, want to go to, or can go to.

After the¬†Western Scheldt Tunnel, Dutch Flanders and crossing into Belgium, our first pit stop is a small roadside restaurant near Eeklo. It’s slightly crowded, which is a good sign. With Flemish and the odd French chatter in the background, we order something to drink and eat. After our drinks we get some crispy toast with fresh tuna salad and a touch of parsley on top. The two main courses are enough to feed a small family. We have a slice of cooked ham as big as a Wiener schnitzel and two plates of stewed meat. Of course the obligatory Flemish fries with mayo, since we’re in Belgium. Nice and fresh with a jest of acidity; perfect with the fries. For dessert we have a chocolate mouse with a bit of whipped cream. A great lunch while on road.

The next pit stop is the Intermarch√© in Coudekerque Branche, in France. We’re still stuffed with lunch, but that doesn’t hold us back to stock up on camembert and brie. Ten pieces should be sufficient to be able to share some in two weeks time. We’re even in luck with two Caprice des Dieux with 50% off. Furthermore we stock up on wine and after checking the inventory list we also buy a rag, dishcloth and motor oil, just in case. Now we’re ready for Britain. Are they too? Ferry, here we come!

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