Feeling welcome in Morocco

Being in Morocco isn’t hard. Getting to it isn’t either. I (Sander) flew into Morocco from Eindhoven to Fez for under 30 euro. Renate made her way via Spain (Malaga and Melilla), where we met up. Melilla is a shoppers’ paradise, with tax free shopping and corresponding prices. Finding decent accommodation could pose a challenge, but in the end everything played out well. Melilla is a small Spanish enclave city perched on the edge of Morocco, separated by a 33 million euro fence. It’s the first entry into Europe from the African mainland, and because of that the border formalities are enforced more. Continue reading “Feeling welcome in Morocco”

Itinerary and short summary of the Khaptad – Rara trekking

Times include stops, rest breaks and other delays.
Day 1: Travel from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi (663 km, 17h)
Gather at Kathmandu Gongabu bus station at 14:00, bus leaves at 15:00 for Dhangadhi. The bus is comfortable and stops for dinner, which is included in the price. The road is smooth and once the music stops, we’re able to sleep some in the bus.
Continue reading “Itinerary and short summary of the Khaptad – Rara trekking”

Trekking from Khaptad to Rara

We first learned about this trek on http://neptrekking.blogspot.com. It supposedly started on 1st of April 2014. Now this might be a bit funny, but ‘nep’ in Dutch means fake. And starting on April Fool’s Day doesn’t help either. But nevertheless, we went for it, since it was an excellent opportunity to see more of Nepal, and this time off the beaten paths. Continue reading “Trekking from Khaptad to Rara”

Trekking in the far west of Nepal

It’s been a while since there’s been something new here, but we’ve been busy walking in areas where tourism still needs to develop: the far west of Nepal. There are really beautiful (and unspoilt) nature parks, like Rara and Khaptad. We’ve been looking into trekking in the far west, when we ran into this blogpost. Well, there’s no going back now…